How it's made?

Our products are made where the bamboo grows...

Our products are manufactured as close as possible to the natural raw material for an optimal carbon footprint, near the eco-managed bamboo groves from which our bamboo fiber with full traceability certified FSC comes, in a province in southern China, a country that cumulates nearly 80% of this resource in Asia.

We have our own manufacturing unit there, which arose from our family's association with another local partner family. We carry out ourselves hand in hand with it in the realization and the control of each stage of the manufacturing on site with the greatest care which allows us to guarantee the quality and the subtlety of our designs and our colors.

Our exclusive material, registered under the eco-composite name BIOBU®, is the result of more than 8 years of fundamental research on biopolymers and 18 years of expertise in manufacturing related to bamboo. Eco-responsible, highly resistant and durable, it has a remarkably soft texture and a safety certified by the most demanding labels (FDA, Reach, BSCI).

This is our trademark and our guarantee. All our products are 100% food-safe FDA certified. Our manufacturing is socially committed and respects the criteria of the BSCI label for dignified working conditions and fair and equitable remuneration for everyone. Child labor is strictly prohibited.

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