Our story

Our commitment to ecology

The linear "extract, manufacture, throw away" approach is no longer viable because the planet has a limited amount of available and renewable resources.

80% of the impacts and 70% of the environmental and social costs of products and services can be determined during design. In our desire to improve our impact on people and the planet, we did not see ecology as a marketing trend, but as a long-term commitment.

Sensitive to societies' evolution, we committed ourselves to developing, from ecological materials, modern and user-friendly products, designed to last in a professional environment where use is intensive and daily.

An eco-alternative

Today, UNICA TERRA designs and manufactures contemporary tableware and accessories, always favouring natural resources.

Our portfolio consists of two brands, EKOBO and DOMINECO, both specialists in bamboo fibre. Our products, which are an alternative to plastic crockery, bring a real eco-friendly solution to our partners. Lighter and less fragile than traditional materials such as glass or ceramics, our collections are designed to meet professionals' needs in the hospitality industry.

Restaurants, caterers, hotels, and local authorities are our ambassadors to raise awareness of environmental priorities.


EKOBO embodies a new vision of contemporary dishware, balancing an innovative material, real functionality and sophisticated design.

Our versatile and exclusive palette of pop, neutral and sultry colors offers endless options — mixing & matching to make graphic statements in contrasting colors or subdued tone-on-tone combinations


DOMINECO is sleek, light-weight and ultrastackable so it can move seamlessly indoors and outdoors, from a professional kitchen to a pool side brunch.

A variety of classic forms combined with a fresh, modern palette make them a perfect solution for a myriad of food service needs.

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