Customization services

Today, many clients wish to express the originality and uniqueness of their activity, brand or services. UNICA TERRA promises to make this customer experience unique by offering a range of customisations adapted to each of them.

Our designs are never sourced from Alibaba, nor picked out of a factory catalogue; we invest in our own moulds. Every curve, every shade has been carefully curated by us. Modern palettes for our modern way of life.

Looking ahead means our designs are functional, pragmatic, and very much “no-fuss” coupled with a commitment to eco-responsible and sustainable materials. Our products are meant to be used and REUSED, by all ages, indoors and outdoors.

They are developed in-house with our team of designers and in collaboration with guest designers. Our signature designs have been recognized by way of various awards of excellence, our most recent, a Gold Junior Design Award for the Best Eco Children’s Tableware Design 2019. Our products are now stocked around the globe and featured in design restaurants and hotels around the world ;both a real honour and a testament to the quality of our design.

Product Design: Tailor-made product development

We love design, what could be more natural for designers.All design is about solving problems by adapting innovative solutions.

We believe in thoughtful, appropriate design, marked by a bold visual approach.

However, every client often has its own constraints: unique, exclusive product development is the solution. 

UNICA TERRA then designs and manufactures the imagined model.

All the experience and expertise of our team will be at your service to obtain a result that meets your expectations.

PRODUCTION TIME: +/- 14 weeks after technical confirmation.


Tailor made timeline

Client consultation meeting 

(Understanding your requirements)

Desing Lab

(Colour, Material, Volume, Size, etc.)

We create, design and produce conceptional drawings

(Subject to design fee)

Client approves design

Project costings and agreement of terms 

(Lead Times, Costs, Logistics)

Manufacture prototype

(Development costs, create tool, manufacture sample)

Approve prototype

Place production order

Manufacture goods

Shipping time

Custom clearance

Deliver goods to customer


Custom colours

"If life isn't pink, what colour is it? »

UNICA TERRA offers you to colour our products with the pantone of your choice in order to bring a unique touch to your models.


PRODUCTION TIME: +/- 10 weeks


Several techniques are available to transform our products into communication objects, business gifts or promotional items.

Company logo or corporate image - our printing departement will personalise our dishes, plates, glasses or containers to highlight your uniqueness and difference. 

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