Catering Industries

As a social and societal issue, collective catering is a key element in the construction of the environmental policy of local authorities committed to a global approach to sustainable development.

Whether in school canteens, health centres or companies, collective catering distributes 3.7 billion meals a year in France. Increasingly attached to eating better and living better, consumers have new requirements to which all players in the sector must adapt.

Reducing the use of plastic, eco-designing, increasing sorting efforts, but also countering the "disposable" and single-use objects, whatever the material used (including if it is biosourced), this is the roadmap assigned to any company "responsible" for our planet.

In its own way, UNICA TERRA participates in this change of mentality which concerns the future of our planet and our children. 


Whether in kinder-gardens, primary schools, colleges, universities, the characteristics of UNICA TERRA ranges perfectly meet the constraints and high demands of the catering industry:

- Quality of its eco-designed material: BPA, PVC or phthalate free

- Light, strong, stackable

- Economical as it is inexpensive and reusable

- Modern in design and colour palette

- Less noisy due to its material



Health sector

The medico-social sector (hospitals, clinics, and other old people's homes, specialised centres, etc.) praise our products for their numerous properties adapted to the needs of patients and carers:

- Eco-sourced

- Reusable, resistant and durable

- Comforting silky touch for the elderly

- Vivid colours to stimulate mealtime and to enhance the pleasure of the plate

- Dishwasher safe

Corporate restaurants

Architects, designers and catering industries are constantly looking for new concepts in corporate catering.

However, their restrictive specifications in terms of innovation and novelty often lead them to the specificities of our collections:

- eco-responsible material,

- depth of range

- product colours

Our light, resistant and colourful gastro pans perfectly illustrate this trend: available in 5 standard sizes, 2 depths and 6 colours, stackable and dishwasher-safe.

This collection is sure to bring a modern touch to buffets or refrigerated display cabinets in company restaurants.


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