Gastronomy is limitless and full of trends. Terroir, bistronomy, molecular techniques, biodynamics, old flours, Scandinavian style...

Yet one seems to emerge more than the others: that of a healthier and more sustainable way of cooking: nourishing our soul, our mind and our heart!

Our job is to design models to satisfy the desires of restaurant owners of all horizons in terms of tableware:

- Traditional, independant or franchised restaurants: Bistros, Pizzerias, Creperies...

- Salad and pasta bars, Pokés bowls.

- Asian and Indian restaurants.

- Vegetarian restaurants.

- Tea and pastry shops.

- Beach clubs and mountain restaurants.

- Food trucks & Street food.

- Take away sale.

Visual, aesthetic, creative, our collections challenge the codes of traditional gastronomy! And our deep ranges will echo the new needs of the catering world, whether it be for indoor service, self-service or takeaway sales

Information on Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

Musculoskeletal disorders cover a wide range of affections of the locomotor system, which can be caused or aggravated by professional activity: handling, repetitive movements, working postures, pace.

MSDs are by far the most common recognised occupational diseases and represent the leading cause of compensated occupational diseases.

However, in order to prevent the risk of MSDs, UNICA TERRA thought of designing light, stackable tableware from the outset: posture, strength, repetitiveness and duration are thus greatly reduced by the use of our products in favour of other heavier and therefore much more restrictive materials.  

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