Charming traditional hotels in the city, guest houses in the countryside or in the mountains, 5* palaces by the sea, our collections often occupy a special place in their establishment.

Hotels from all over the world who place their trust in us bear witness to the versatility of our ranges, their modernity, novelty and ease of use.

Buffet & Table top

Any hotel buffet requires practicality, uniqueness and attractive visual presentation. Original and convivial, it is an integral part of hotel life. That is why it is often meticulously designed.

Our GN Gastro Pans, specially designed for catering professionals, hotel and catering managers, meet the requirements of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Produced from sustainable development, our light and resistant Gastro GN pans are available in 5 standard sizes, 2 depths and 6 trendy colours. Stackable and dishwasher-safe, all our pans meet European food standards.

This new collection is sure to bring a modern touch to your buffets or refrigerated display cabinets, and will arouse the interest and appetite of your customers, partners and employees.



For meals, our plates, bowls, salad bowls, glasses and other trays will find their place on the table and combine in perfect harmony with other materials such as ceramics, porcelain, silverware or crystal. 


How can we not think about the needs of the youngest? Designed for their little hands and eating habits, our tableware with its attractive colours and silky touch is sure to make their stay at the hotel most festive and fun.

Terrace, swimming pool and private beach

They are the most popular places for customers. The lightness and resistance of our ranges will greatly facilitate the service of the catering staff.

While our colour assortments will help to enhance your exteriors even more

Room and bathroom

Putting a stop to single-use bathroom accessories is our responsibility. And to achieve this, let's ban once and for all disposable plastic cups or soaps.

Let's be aware of global issues and finally promote reusable accessories in the bedroom or bathroom. And, as such, our ranges dedicated to these universes should satisfy your needs in this regard.

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