General questions

Who is Unica Terra compared with Ekobo ?
Unica Terra and Ekobo are company sisters . Ekobo offers over 500 references in a wide palette of forms and colors designed for modern living and forward-thinking shops . While Unica Terra dedicates its collections to professionals of hospitality and food industries.
Which differences between Ekobo and Domineco collections ?
Ekobo embodies a new vision of contemporary dishware, balancing an innovative material, real functionality and sophisticated design. Domineco is sleek, light-weight and ultrastackable so it can move seamlessly indoors and outdoors, from a professional kitchen to a pool side brunch.
For whom our products are intended ?
Restaurants (independant or chains), caterers, charming traditional hotels in the city, guest houses in the countryside or in the mountains, 5* palaces by the sea, outdoor or sailing activities. All professionals who can make the environment a priority while creating beautiful and meaningful concepts.
Where are our logistic platforms located ?
We have 3 different logistic platforms . The major one in France dedicated to the distribution of the European market ( delivery leadtime between 2 to 7 days ) ; another warehouse in California (USA) to deliver our North American customers and the last one in Asia to supply our Asia-Pacific and Middle East distributors.
Lifetime of our material
Our material is stable, unchanging and poses absolutely no health risk with daily use and is suitable for hot and cold foods and liquids. Our products feature a premium matte finish. There is no varnish, coating nor paint on the surface of our products, so they’ll never fade, peel or leach harmful chemicals.
Weight constrains
Musculoskeletal disorders cover a wide range of affections of the locomotor system, which can be caused or aggravated by professional activity: handling, repetitive movements, working postures, pace. MSDs are by far the most common recognised occupational diseases and represent the leading cause of compensated occupational diseases. However, in order to prevent the risk of MSDs, Unica Terra thought of designing light, stackable tableware from the outset: posture, strength, repetitiveness and duration are thus greatly reduced by the use of our products in favour of other heavier and therefore much more restrictive materials.

BIOBU Eco-composite

Why are Biobu products made in China ?
We manufacture our products where we source our primary material. We targeted factories that specialize in manufacturing exotic wood flooring. While cutting and shaping the wood, a high percentage of sawdust is shed, then either thrown away or burned as energy. We found that this wooden “waste” material could be ground to a fine powder and mixed with resin to create durable eco-design objects.
Is the wood grown organically ?
Yes ! Unica Terra chose exotic wood because it is a renewable resource. The wood used in BIOBU products is collected from the sawdust that is shed from cutting and shaping exotic wood flooring.
What is Biobu made of ?
Biobu is an alternative to traditional plastics, fragile and disposable dishware. This composite material is described as a biopolymer, which means it is comprised of wood fibres, a renewable material, and 100% non-toxic food-grade A5 melamine binder, which helps to extend the life of the products (a sustainable practice!). Biobu products comply to all food safety standards (FDA and LFGB) and are free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium and Mercury.
Is the melamine binder used in Biobu products safe for use ?
Absolutely! Our A5 food-grade melamine binder is 100% non-toxic and food safe. Suitable for all types of food and liquid below boiling temperature. No microwave and conventional oven use.
What dyes are used for Unica Terra products ?
All dyes used on our products are 100% food-grade and entirely non-toxic. Dry color pigments (mineral or non organic) are mixed with the powder composite used to make the products. Because the color is in the mass of the product, and not coated on top of it, there is no color transfer or leaching. As there is no external varnish, the product maintains its original appearance and color over time.
Are Biobu products biodegradable ?
If buried in the ground (completely covered by earth), the wood fibres content will decompose in 2-3 years. The non-organic elements are not considered biodegradable.
Do Biobu products break ?
While our products are durable and long-lasting, this eco-friendly material is not unbreakable. It will not shatter like ceramic or glass but if dropped at a bad angle on a hard floor, a chip or crack may occur.
Are Biobu products dishwasher safe ?
Yes ! we recommend washing at 70°C / 160°F ( 2 hour cycle) or 100ºC / 212ºF ( 30 mn cycle ) for a professional dish-washer.
Are Biobu collections produced under good working conditions ?
Yes ! Our collections are manufactured in China in collaboration with carefully chosen partners. In addition to brand new facility that is in compliance with current safety and health codes, all of our employees are paid a fair living wage. No child labor is allowed.

UNICA TERRA Home Textile

What is Peshtemal ?
The Unica Terra Home bath textile range is inspired from traditional Turkish bath cloth or “Peshtemal”. This textile dates back nearly six hundred years to the hamams (public baths) of Anatolia. The lightweight, yet fast drying cloth was worn by both men and women and has remained a tradition in Turkish baths for centuries. Turkish cotton is premium cotton that has extra long fibers. Using longer fiber cotton in spinning yarn means fewer joins. Fewer joins results in stronger and smoother cotton threads.
What makes the Unica Terra Home Textiles unique ?
We have created a custom weave for our brand. These flat towels (no loops like terry cloth) are tightly woven, and the extra yarn used in the weave results in additional strength and durability. Each piece is hand-finished with colourful details that give a modern twist to an ancient textile. Finally, washing makes them even softer and more absorbent.
What are the benefits of these towels ?
Eco-friendly / Organic Soft and lightweight Highly-absorbent & fast-drying Less space to store Absorption increases with wash & use Unisex: ideal for Kids & Adults Versatile: ideal for bath, baby, spa, pool, travel & sport
Are Unica Terra Home Textiles eco-friendly ?
Yes! The Unica Terra Home production is GOTS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Made with 100% organic cotton yarn, this range features a custom weave that is ultra-soft and luxurious. Also, peshtemal is a real alternative to bulky terry towels. It occupies less space in the washer, reduces drying time (both line and dryer) and takes less space to store.
How do I wash Unica Terra Home Towels ?
We recommend washing cold (40°C/90°F). While our textiles are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, we recommend you wash with like colors. You can tumble dry low and iron as desired.